Welcome to Traffic Solver

Traffic Solver is a tool that will help you implement your traffic management projects faster and in a more intuitive way.

Using Traffic Solver you will not waste any more time calculating complex traffic formulas and designing diagrams.

Responsive You Say?

Yes! Contact us with your problem and we will be glad to help you.

The rules for you country are not implemented yet? Let us know and we will work together to implement them for you.


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You can evaluante it for free to see if it suits your needs.

Who We Are

Behind the scenes

We are a team formed by traffic engineers and software engineers, trying to create tools that improve the way traffic management projects are done and maintained.

Our mission is to reduce the time spent doing the complex traffic calculations, and to provide good options for printing the handout of the projects.

What We Do

A short overview

  • Safety time calculations
  • Traffic diagrams
  • Project custom printing
  • Client onsite training

What People Are Saying

Those who are using Traffic Solver.

  • "It takes more time to order a safety time calculation than to do it yourself with Traffic Solver."

    City of Malmö, Sweden
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